Proteus SC

Proteus SC is an engineered panel system in either solid, perforated or expanded mesh, panel formats utilising an extensive range of metals, colours, textures and forms.

Proteus SC consists of a single skin solid, mesh or perforated cladding panels, generally constructed from 1mm to 5mm thick sheet metal. The design of the panel will be subject to the material chosen by the designer, with some materials having limitations on width and thickness, which will have an impact on the solution. Proteus SC can, however, be engineered around these limitations to deliver the best possible solution for the designer. The live loadings applied to the building, along with the amount of perforations or size of eyes within the expanded mesh, either required for aesthetics or airflow requirements, will also be considered when creating the final design solution.

Our Proteus SC panel systems are supported by the unique engineered Proteus system of aluminium carriers and ancillary components, which can be installed on any type of wall construction; in certain applications, these carrier systems will be designed to span between structural floors to remove the requirement for any secondary structure.

The Proteus SC system can also be provided with an acoustic insulation layer encapsulated within the panel; for internal applications, we can also provide contrasting fabric inserts when the panels are perforated.

The Proteus SC system can be used in a variety of applications, here are just a few typical uses:-

– Car parks
– Stair towers
– Window screens
– Plant screens
– Balconies & balustrading
– Acoustic panels
– Sun screening
– External wall coverings
– Internal wall coverings

Proteus SC is available in a vast range of materials & finishes

  Proteus SC Brochure (5.73 MB)
Expanded Mesh Proteus SC
Cladding Proteus SC
Cladding Proteus SC