Proteus SP

Proteus SP is an insulated spandrel panel system that integrates into a curtain walling or window system with an Aluminium, Steel, Porcelain Ceramic or Back Painted Glass panel facing material.


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Fire Performance

Our full range of spandrel panels are tested to achieve classification in accordance with EN13501 for a variety of insulation depths and material finishes For materials and finishes outside of our testing scope, we will undertake project specific EN13501 classification.

Proteus SP EN 13501 Classification
0.9 to 5.0mm PPC Aluminium A2-s1, d0
0.7 to 3.0mm PPC Steel A2-s1, d0
4.0mm Back Painted Toughened Glass A2-s1, d0
3.0mm Porcelain Ceramic A2-s1, d0


Thermal Performance

The mineral fibre core insulation within the spandrel panel system has a linear thermal transmission of 0.038W/mK. The insulation depth can be amended to accommodate a variety of thermal performance requirements.


A wide variety of sound reduction values can be achieved with our spandrel panels by utilising different material thicknesses for the inner and outer skins of the panel. The higher the dB rating, the more mass is required within the panel. Our technical department can advise the most effective way to achieve the requirement of a project.

Proteus SP Product Information

Fire Rating: The full range is classified to EN13501 achieving A2-s1, d0
Face: Aluminium, Steel, Back Painted Glass, Porcelain Ceramic
U Values: Centre Pane Values as low as 0.19 can be achieved
Core: A1 non-combustible mineral fibre insulation
Edging: A1 non-combustible hard edge
Rear: Steel, Aluminium
Overall Panel Depth: 21.4mm to 210mm (Insulation depth ranges from 20mm – 200mm)
Finishes: Standard RAL colours & Porcelain ceramic materials


What is a spandrel panel?

A spandrel panel is an effective way of breaking up the aesthetics of the facade or as a method of hiding floor slabs, ceilings or other building elements. Our range of spandrel panels consists of a medium-density mineral fibre core insulation that has been structurally bonded to an external face of back painted glass, porcelain ceramic or an array of aluminium & steel finishes.

The panel is inserted into a pre-prepared glazing opening before being clamped into position on all four edges within the glazing system. The configuration of your panel can be determined on a project-specific basis by varying the metal and insulation depth to accommodate the thermal or acoustic requirements of a particular project.

Benefits of spandrel panels

  • Large-format panels with exceptional flatness
  • A wide variety of material finishes and textures are available
  • All panels are assembled at our factory and pre-finished for rapid installation on site
  • Composite construction can be broken down and fully recycled
  • Variety of insulation depths for thermal and acoustic requirements
  • Classified in accordance with EN13501
  • Manufactured to bespoke sizes
  Proteus SP Brochure (1.32 MB)
Glass spandrel panel render
Metal Panel render