Fire Performance

Proteus rainscreen systems are fully tested to the required construction product standards for fire performance.

Exova WarringtonFire has classified the full range of Proteus HR and Proteus GL honeycomb panels in accordance with the Euroclass system for the reaction to fire of construction products. The EN 13501 classification is achieved based upon single burning item tests (EN 13823) for each panel specification along with calorific data (EN 1716 or EN 1182) for each individual material layer that makes up the panel.

All Proteus honeycomb panels in our Proteus HR range, metal face materials, and Proteus GL range, back-painted glass face, achieve A2 classification to EN 13501. This classification confirms that the panels are of very limited combustibility and can therefore be used in facades of all heights (including those over 18m) without further testing, provided that all the other materials within the wall are also A2 classified or better.

Listed below are the full classification for the different specifications of each product, including sub-classifications for smoke production and flaming droplets.

Front Skin EN 13501 Classification
4mm Toughened Glass – Back Painted A2-s1, d0
0.7mm Steel  – PPC (60µm coating thickness) A2-s1, d0
0.8mm Stainless Steel A2-s1, d0
0.7mm Classic Copper A2-s1, d0
1.0mm Aluminium – 2 Layer PVDF A2-s1, d0
0.7mm Zinc A2-s2, d0
0.7mm Brass Copper Alloy A2-s1, d0
0.7mm Bronze Copper Alloy A2-s1, d0
1.5mm Aluminium – Anodised (25µm anodic layer thickness) A2-s1, d0
1.5mm Aluminium – PPC (60µm coating thickness) A2-s1, d0
0.7mm Steel – Pre-finished (50µm coating thickness) A2-s2, d0
1.0mm Weathering Steel A2-s2, d0


If any further information is required regarding the fire performance of any of our Proteus products, then please do not hesitate to contact our Technical department.