CWCT - The Centre for Window and Cladding Technology

The Centre for Window and Cladding Technology is a leading information provider and trainer in the field of building envelopes and glazing.

It is an industry-funded Centre based at the University of Bath. The CWCT ‘Standard for systemised building envelopes’ gives a framework for specifying building envelopes incorporating various performance criteria.

CWCT has written standards on:-

– Curtain walling
– Walls with ventilated rainscreens
– Slope glazing

Standards are written under the guidance of the CWCT Standards Committee, comprising leading architects, consultants, contractors and manufacturers. CWCT ‘Standard for systemised building envelopes’ have now been adopted by National Building Specification (NBS) and National House Building Council (NHBC).

In conjunction with a certified testing facility, façade systems can be rigorously tested to ensure they comply with the relevant CWCT specification. Whilst façade performance can be calculated to a certain extent, it is no substitute for an actual physical test, replicating the most extreme conditions that buildings can be subjected to. The Proteus tested Rainscreen façade systems have been successfully tested in line with CWCT Standard Sequence B:-

– Air permeability
– Water Penetration
– Wind Resistance (Serviceability & Safety)
– Impact

CWCT Testing
CWCT Testing