Bristol Performing Arts Centre, Clifton

Bristol Performing Arts Centre, Clifton

Proteus HR

Proteus HR cladding in TECU Brass and TECU Bronze materials have created a striking, expressive façade at Bristol Grammar School’s new 1532 Performing Arts Centre.

The Proteus HR TECU Brass and TECU Bronze materials were used for the external envelope of the new performance hub.

Being manufactured from copper alloys means that the TECU materials from Proteus will weather over time, subtly changing the façade’s appearance as it develops a tough, maintenance-free and beautiful patina.

1532 Performing Arts Centre, the year being when the school received its royal charter, comprises a new build auditorium and associated facilities that are linked to the school’s existing Elton Road Block.

The architects specified Proteus HR TECU Brass and TECU Bronze materials for the rainscreen panels on the performance hub because its honeycomb core creates a lightweight façade, minimising weight loadings on the underlying structure, whilst helping the panels achieve near perfect optical flatness.

These lightweight, strong properties of the Proteus rainscreen cladding panels provided an effective way of created the counterbalanced visual on this development where the hub appears to be cantilevered from the main building. This elegant, and at first impressions, gravity-defying design is supported by only two discreet columns.

The management team at Bristol Grammar School also liked that fact that the subtle weathering of the TECU Brass and Bronze materials would complement the same natural process that occurs on the local stone used on nearby buildings on campus.

This subtle matt surface on the rainscreen cladding panels will gradually develop an oxide layer that will protect the building from rain, frost, wind, UV rays and other external elements. The process brings with it striking colour variations through an entire range of brown, green and brown-violet tones that change depending on the level of natural light and time of year.

Ultimately, the TECU materials will develop a robust patina that will accentuate its distinctive character and outwardly project the aim of the school to improve and develop its performing arts facilities. The Proteus carrier system was used to support the vertically arranged, elongated cladding panels.

Proteus HR rainscreen cladding systems are available in a wide range of alternative materials and finishes including steel, aluminium, zinc and stainless steel. The rich diversity of the TECU range of copper and copper-alloy materials allows unparalleled variety and high-quality aesthetics for architecture. The company’s ability to manufacture perfectly matching roofline, window reveals and soffits accentuate the striking, naturally-weathered aesthetic.

The main contractor at the new 1532 Performing Arts Centre was able to overcome the challenges presented by the building being located in the midst of the school campus and with limited access. Scheduling work around term times to minimise disruption to the school, Cladanco, the façade installer, utilised its convenient Bristol base and local workforce to assist in this process.


  • TECU Bronze and TECU Brass Rainscreen Cladding - Proteus HR
  • TECU Bronze and TECU Brass Rainscreen Cladding - Proteus HR
  • TECU Bronze and TECU Brass Rainscreen Cladding - Proteus HR