Proteus CX

Proteus CX is an integrated modular rainscreen system with an ultrathin porcelain ceramic facing facade, delivering an optically flat and large format panel system with a vast array of distinctive architectural finishes.

Proteus CX consists of an aluminium honeycomb core structurally bonded between a 3mm porcelain ceramic facade face and a lightweight metal rear skin. Each panel is supported by the unique Proteus system of aluminium carriers and ancillary components, which can be installed on to any type of wall construction.

Our porcelain ceramic is produced by an environmentally friendly technology when compared to a traditional ceramic production process, its gas and dust emission is 20 times less while its CO2 emission is 1000 times less.

The advance in porcelain ceramic production has led to panel sizes of 1000mm x 3000mm being possible, couple this with the advanced production technique of honeycomb bonding, Proteus CX has created an opportunity for greater flexibility in architecture to apply large format and lightweight ceramic finishes to building facades.

– Porcelain ceramic has a 100% natural mineral composition
– No organic pigments, resists UV rays & is colourfast
– Porcelain ceramic is freeze-thaw & thermal shock resistant
– Fully tested & compliant with CWCT Standards
– Class B Impact resistance
– Scratch & abrasion resistant, surface harder than granite or steel
– Lightweight, 300% lighter than a 20mm granite Rainscreen system
– Non-porous, impervious to chemicals, does not accumulate surface dirt

  Proteus CX Brochure (2 MB)
Porcelain Ceramic Rainscreen Proteus CX