Copper & Copper

Proteus HR
Copper & Copper

Material width:
670, 1000mm
max panel width:
630, 960mm

The rich diversity of the TECU range of copper and copper-alloy materials allows unparalleled variety and high-quality aesthetics for architecture.

  • TECU Classic 

  • TECU Classic Coated 

  • TECU Oxid 

  • TECU Patina 

  • TECU Brass 

  • TECU Bronze 

  • TECU Gold 

  • TECU Brass BMA 

  • TECU Brass Artisan 

  • TECU Brass Mid Brown Distressed 

  • TECU Brass Metropolitan 

  • TECU Brass Black Florentine 

  • TECU Bronze BMA 

  • TECU Bronze Artisan 

  • TECU Bronze Mid Brown Distressed 

  • TECU Bronze Metropolitan 

  • TECU Bronze Black Florentine