Metal Shingles

Material width:
670, 1000mm
max panel width:
630, 960mm

Building owners and architects are increasingly turning to zinc for its long, maintenance-free life and adaptability to various design styles ranging from traditional to modern.

  • VM Zinc Anthra 

  • VM Zinc Quartz 

  • VM Zinc Pigmento Blue 

  • VM Zinc Pigmento Green 

  • VM Zinc Pigmento Red 

  • VM Zinc Pigmento Brown 

  • NedZink Nova 

  • NedZink Noir 

  • NedZink Nova Structure Amsterdam 

  • NedZink Nova Structure Brasilia 

  • NedZink Nova Structure New York 

  • NedZink Nova Structure Paris 

  • ElZinc Natural 

  • ElZinc Slate 

  • ElZinc Rainbow Blue 

  • ElZinc Rainbow Red 

  • ElZinc Rainbow Green 

  • ElZinc Rainbow Gold 

  • ElZinc Rainbow Brown 

  • ElZinc Rainbow Black 

  • Rheinzink Blue Grey 

  • Rheinzink Graphite Grey